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References: a grasp of our customer base

At the moment, over 5,000 companies use the Online Payment Services of Buckaroo. Due to its broad range of payment methods and unique functionalities, Buckaroo has a fitting solution for every company. As a result, our customer base ranges from smaller, specialised organisations to long-established larger corporations.



Generali Nederland has been using the services of Buckaroo for a couple of years. All this time we have been very satisfied about Buckaroo and their services. Particularly the good and quick service make for a pleasant collaboration.

Vanessa Berentsen:

We have been using Buckaroo for 10 years now, firstly as owner of www.Printweb.nl and now for www.tomzorg.nl as well. All those years we have been very pleased with Buckaroo and also with the way they keep developing new products. The connection between Magento and Buckaroo has been going seamlessly for years. The current quick growth of www.tomzorg.nl is partly thanks to Buckaroo’s services. Should we start a new online store in the future, we will integrate Buckaroo once more.

Arnoud Klein – Director Tomzorg.nl:

We have been a satisfied customer of Buckaroo since 2011. Buckaroo is our first payment provider, and they process all of our webshop payments to our full contentment. The customer service is easily accessible and offers a quick response, which to us is very important. Together, we stand strong and are able to offer our clients the best service with our sports-oriented Magento webshop.

Norbert van Rossum, owner 515 Online Retail:

When we were preparing our crowdfunding in 2014, we approached various parties. Buckaroo was one of the first to react quickly, and they sent an account manager our way. That was something we appreciated greatly. When the collaboration between Buckaroo and The Ocean Cleanup was finalized, a giant fundraising event took place until September 2014. This resulted in our most successful non-profit crowdfunding campaign ever; in which 2.15 million dollars was collected from 38,000 donators from 160 countries.

Femke Hoes, Legal & Finance Coördinator bij The Ocean Cleanup:

We have been using your services for over a year and we’re very satisfied. In this time we have had one technical glitch concerning payments, which was at the start of our collaboration. To this point, I have to tell you that we are very satisfied about your services.

Joël Egberink, Bedrijfsleider PhoneBucks

We have been a customer of Buckaroo since 2012, and at the moment we have connected 11 online stores. Before we became clients of Buckaroo we collaborated with various other companies that handled the payments for our webstores, but we were troubled with many technical failures and an unsteady connection with our Magento webstores. Since we changed to Buckaroo there have been no problems at all for 2 and a half years. The system is stable and well-constructed, and that shows in our every-day processes. Buckaroo might not be the cheapest, but in our eyes is a very reliable partner that handles all webstore payments flawlessly. That excellent quality is more important than a low price if you ask me.

Rudy van 't Hoff, RR Commerce BV 
en diverse andere webwinkels.

From the start of our online shop macrovet.nl in 2008, we have been working together with Buckaroo. We are very satisfied with this collaboration. The back end is well-constructed and the many reports cuts down on a lot of administrative hassle. We started with a couple of payment methods like IDEAL and bank transfer. A lot of payment methods have been added since, such as pay later, credit cards and PayPal. This helps us to better help our foreign clients too.
Pay later is still in quite an early stage. It’s relatively new for most customers. We get lots of emails from customers that can’t find the bank account number, or clients that don’t know how to pay. We have improved our mail templates, but it’s still not perfect. There is a lot of improvement on this section, mainly from Buckaroo’s side. The customer service is fantastic, when there is a problem it is inspected and solved directly.


We have been using the services of Buckaroo for 2 years now, and we are very pleased. Buckaroo handles all transactions of the websites www.badkamerxxl.nl , www.badkamerxxl.be and www.voordeelbadkamer.nl . Buckaroo is fully integrated with our Multistore Magento setup, we just need 1 connection for all websites. We use the payment methods IDEAL, bank account transfer, Bancontact and credit cards. We almost never encounter any technical failures, but when there is a failure you will be well-informed and it will be solved in a timely manner. In short, we are very satisfied about the services of Buckaroo. If we add any new online shops in the future, we will let the transactions go through Buckaroo again.

Anton van Rooij - Commercial director - www.badkamerxxl.nl


We process the payments for

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