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Buckaroo meets the toughest requirements

1. De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)
Buckaroo, as a payment services provider, has a PSD licence issued by De Nederlandsche Bank. You can also find Buckaroo in the payment institutions register of the DNB.

2. PCI Security Standards
Each Merchant and Payment Service Provider that accepts credit card transactions, must comply with the PCI Data Security Standards drawn up by the large credit card companies. Each PSP runs an annual audit to check compliance with these standards. Naturally, Buckaroo complies with the heaviest security requirements.

Download and view Buckaroo's PCI certificate. If you would like to know more about these PCI Standards and what they might mean for you, click here for a general overview with further details.PCI Data Security veiligheidseisen
3. Currence iDEAL licence
Buckaroo beschikt over een Currence IDEAL licentieBuckaroo has been granted an official iDEAL licence by Currence. Every three years Buckaroo is audited with regard to a great number of criteria. Only when a PSP such as Buckaroo complies with these, the licence is renewed. Currence publishes an up-to-date overview of the licence and certificate holders on its website, also listing Buckaroo.

4. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Buckaroo complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. After all, we only ever use the data that make it possible to facilitate and process payments. In principle, Buckaroo does not store any other information than the details needed for processing a payment and we do not store those details for longer than necessary. 

5. Business partner of Thuiswinkel.org
Business partner van Thuiswinkel.orgFor years, Buckaroo has been a registered business partner of the trade organisation Thuiswinkel.org. This means that Buckaroo has agreed to the terms and conditions relating to the reliability of Buckaroo's service provision, the appropriate treatment of clients and not accepting web shops that show improper conduct.

6. E-invoicing Certification
Buckaroo beschikt over het keurmerk E-facturerenThe foundation Stichting Waarborg E-factureren granted Buckaroo their E-invoicing Certification (Keurmerk E-factureren) in September 2011. This makes Buckaroo the first Payment Service Provider to receive this certification. For further information on the Keurmerk E-factureren certification, we refer you to the website of the certification. 

7. Member of VBIN
Buckaroo is member of the VBIN. The VBIN in an organisation for the in the Law for Financial Supervision described payment institutions, electronic money institutions, and enterprises regarding payment services in the Netherlands in general.

Buckaroo’s Remuneration Policy 2017
Buckaroo wants to attract the best employees to support their business to assure the high level of services provided to our Merchants, therefore Buckaroo has a remuneration policy in line with Dutch law. This policy enables Buckaroo to successfully recruit the best payment experts in line with the company’s core values and long-term strategy of Buckaroo. remuneratie policy.pdf


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