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Automate your debtor management with Credit Management, for

...a higher recovery rate Successful payments are linked to the correct invoice and customer. And failed transactions?
These are automatically followed up with a payment reminder by mail, text or mail.

...fast and easy payment:
 With Buckaroo, your customers can pay by direct debit or payment link. 
With more than 40 payment options, including iDEAL, PayPal and credit cards.

...custom made payment requests: Each payment request will be sent with your logo, formatting and text.
You also determine the method of payment and terms.

...more insight:
Buckaroo Credit Management offers you a complete solution including reporting.
This way you can even optimize your payment process. 

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Paylink via text message, e-mail or letter

As of today Buckaroo facilitates and manages all your payment traffic, including sending and monitoring invoices automatically, through flexible reminder schedules. You can send the reminders by email, text or letter and provide an integrated payment button (or printed QR code) that allows your customers to meet the outstanding amount directly through one of the payment methods you offer. This allows you to Automate debtor management, including any transfer of invoices to a debt collection agency. All incoming cash flows are recorded and declared within one system. In practice, this means payment for your customers and a reduction in risk and manual work for you as an enterprise.

The process

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Do you also want to send your customers simple and safe reminders by text, email and letter? Do you need to send mandates, set up payment arrangements and possibly link with a collection agency? Then our credit management is the solution for your organization.

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Directly request Credit Management

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