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Unique online platform in the CAD software sector

The Heerlen-based company Cadac Group B.V. has launched the Cadac Store, an online platform where clients can purchase, manage and extend their software licences online. This is unique in the software sector. Never before has a reseller offered its clients so much transparency, clarity and an overview in, for example, an Autodesk licence.

An extremely user-friendly online platform

The chain integration of various systems and an extremely user-friendly online platform offer overview, speed and structure in the lack of clarity created by, for example, Autodesk. Amongst other things, this enables the delivery time to be reduced from three working days to one working day. Clients can visit the platform for both Cadac and Autodesk software. In addition, it offers clients insight into ongoing contracts and the possibility of inspecting licences.

Complete settlement through online payments

While, previously, Cadac had its clients pay on an invoice basis, now it has opted to have Buckaroo take care of all the online payments made in the Cadac Store. To facilitate this, Cadac is using various online payment methods, the Credit Management solution and recurring payments for the settlement of subscriptions.

Do you also have challenges in respect of online and recurring payments?

Are you looking for a quick and client-friendly way to offer your clients optimally secure and user-friendly online payment methods, and other payment solutions which will raise your company’s conversion rate? If so, please request more information below.

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“Buckaroo is responsible for all the payment transactions on our new e-commerce platform ‘Cadac Store’. This saves us work and offers us security.”

Cadac Store

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