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Foto Konijnenberg uses online payment solutions in over 10 countries

By closely monitoring the market developments and actively adjust to all the trends, Photo Konijnenberg managed to grow into one of the largest players in the industry in Holland and abroad. To put their international expansion into the next gear, the tailor made web shop was converted late 2013 to Magento Enterprise. Ten Magento online stores in ten countries are now a fact. All of these online shops are integrated in one central platform, making it easy to manage the sites. "Our good results we mainly relate to the huge success of the merchants," said e-commerce manager EricJan Hofman.

10 web shops in 10 countries, makes flexibility very important

IDEAL is the largest payment method in the Netherlands, for Belgium this is Bancontact and Germany consumers prefer SOFORT Banking and Giropay. Photo Konijnenberg has flexible payment pages which makes sure that iDEAL is shown on top at Dutch customers. iDEAL or Bancontact for example will not be displayed at the german payment page, because german consumers can't use these payment methods. This helps the consumer to finish the payment page faster and you have less chance of unfinished orders at the end of the ride.

Configurate international templates

Not only the payment page, as well as the e-mail templates for payment requests and reminders can be sent in different languages from the Buckaroo Payment Plaza. The right language, payment methods and e tone of voice, increase the conversion in your online store. Even add your own look and feel to it and the perception and satisfaction grows with it.

Learn more about online payments abroad?
Are you looking for a fast and customer-friendly way to offer your national and international customers the online payment methods they wish to use and other solutions which can be deployed internationally and help you increasing conversion in your company? Then we would like to get in touch with you.

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Foto Konijnenberg

"Thanks to Buckaroo we are able to optimize our online payment processes in 10 different countries. Each country has its own payment methods, terms and language so that consumers can smoothly complete their online order."

EricJan Hofman Foto Konijnenberg

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