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Gastronomixs is a knowledge and inspiration website for professional chefs. However, the majority of its content is behind a paid log-in. To gain full access, users can take out a digital subscription of €6 a month or €60 a year. Gastronomixs uses various online payment methods, which include recurring payments. Gastronomixs was launched five years ago and is growing rapidly, both nationally and internationally.

From a few hundred to several thousand members

As stated above, Gastronomixs will have existed for five years in 2017. The website got off to a flying start: within a few days of the launch, hundreds of chefs have joined the website. For the last two and a half years, most of the website has also been available in English, offering international opportunities. In addition to the globally recognized payment methods, creditcard and PayPal, thought has been given to payment methods suitable for our Belgium and German clients. To this end, helpful advice has been provided by Buckaroo; its knowledge of various global payment services has proved extremely useful.

The Future

Naturally, Gastronomixs is continuing to develop but, as a payment provider, Buckaroo is also growing. In future, Gastronomixs’ focus will be on offering members even easier methods of payment, higher conversion rates, fewer reversals and international growth. And Buckaroo will cater for our members’ needs by continuously developing its systems, adding new payment methods and offering supplementary services. This will ensure we are able to offer our members an optimal payment experience both now and in the future.

Encourage your clients to use a recurring payment system

Would your organisation like to have a recurring payments solution like Gastronomixs; one which regularly processes its clients’ subscriptions? If so, don’t hesitate to contact Buckaroo’s advisers for customized advice.

Ask for more information

“Buckaroo is a reliable party, easily able to cope with Gastronomixs’ strong growth. Furthermore, we are always able to involve them quickly.”

Inge Meijs, Gastronomixs

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