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Roadguard chooses Buckaroo for payments of breakdown services via app

On the 17th of May, alarm center Eurocross Assistance and Centraal Beheer introduced Roadguard. Breakdown services via a mobile application without subscriptions or membership. The first application in the Netherlands that determines the costs for the breakdown services beforehand, and that notifies you which mechanic will help you and how late he’ll arrive.

Breakdown services anywhere in the Netherlands without having to subscribe

Changing consumer needs and an increase in the usage of mobile phones made Eurocross and Centraal Beheer aware of the fact that breakdown services should go in a different manner altogether. With RoadGuard, the consumer is not tied to recurring costs. He only pays for the breakdown services that he actually uses.

Buckaroo makes payments via app possible

Problem solved? Payments can be made by app, via iDEAL, PayPal and credit card. Optionally, a payment request can be sent to clients per e-mail, prompting them to pay. (PayperEmail). Dolf Huijsman, Business Controller at Eurocross: "We were looking for a suitable payment service provider. Buckaroo offers a vast array of payment metthods with a connecting that helps us with our credit management. This was exactly what we needed for Roadguard. It didn't take long for us to choose Buckaroo.

Want to know more or download the app?

A flat tire? An empty battery or did you put the wrong fuel in your car? If any misfortune occurs, the app is always available for a free download via the App Store and Google Play Store. For more information, visit www.roadguard.nl.

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“We were looking for a suitable Payment Service Provider. It didn’t take us long to choose Buckaroo.”

Dolf Huijsman

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