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Smartphonehoesjes.nl opts for Buckaroo to ensure its consumers receive an optimal service

In merely six years´ time, Smartphonehoesjes.nl has become the online market leader in both the Netherlands and Belgium for mobile phone and tablet covers, as well as corresponding accessories. In addition to having extensive expertise in the private market, it has also been operating successfully in the corporate market since 2013. To offer an optimal service in both markets, it has opted to have Buckaroo as its partner for part of the financial process.

Specialist, innovative and service-oriented

Smartphonehoesjes.nl offers around 40,000 quality products at a keen price. With more than six years experience and knowledge of the market, Smartphonehoesjes.nl is a passionate organisation able to respond quickly to every need.

Quick and precise

Buckaroo enables payments to be dealt with quickly without the consumers being burdened with outstanding accounts or waiting long periods for repayments. Marcel Hooft, COO at Smartphonehoesjes: “Smartphonehoesjes.nl attaches great importance to service orientation and the way Buckaroo supports the financial process fits in with this seamlessly.””


Since the middle of 2016, there has been a considerable expansion in the ways both private and business customers can design personalised covers. Thanks to the latest equipment, a large network of manufacturers and suppliers as well as a professional, young and enthusiastic team, Smartphonehoesjes Business is always ready and prepared to help you find the right telephone and tablet accessories.

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“Smartphonehoesjes.nl attaches great importance to service orientation and the way Buckaroo supports the financial process fits in with this seamlessly.”

Marcel Hooft, COO Smartphonehoesjes.nl

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