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Swapfiets opts for Buckaroo for payment requests and credit management

A solid bike that’s available to you 24/7, fully serviced and guaranteed problem-free. That’s the vision behind Swapfiets. With subscriptions starting from 12 euros a month, they offer you your very own A-brand bike (Union) with an iconic blue Swapfiets front tyre. The number of users is growing rapidly. Swapfiets has become immensely popular, specifically in college towns. How does Swapfiets make sure that payments are made effortlessly and on time?

Swapfiets means comfort

"We consider our product a service. A service that we offer to you with a warm smile.” Taking this and their target group (students) in careful consideration, Swapfiets created its unique payment strategy. “No one likes to receive payment reminders. They make you feel as if you’ve done something wrong and their tone of voice is often intimidating. That’s why our emails are as pleasant as can be. With this clear goal in mind, each email is carefully tailored to the final payment.”

A unique payment request

“We designed the payment requests ourselves. Via HTML and CSS, any marketeer can easily do so as well. We’ve opted for a bright blue background, because it’s simple and not distracting. We fully tailored the tone of voice to the student lingo, even including emojis in our payment requests.” 

Interested in Swapfiets? Learn more ➤

Select your city on the Swapfiets website and sign-up for Swapfiets with a monthly subscription.

Want to know more about unique payment requests and credit management?

Want to collect bills in your own branding? With Buckaroo Credit Management you can fully customize your collection process to each target group. Please don´t hesitate to contact us.

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"Everything we do has to be awesome and easy. We carefully consider possible disadvantages beforehand, so that we can offer our customers nothing but advantages. That’s why Buckaroo’s credit management solution is the perfect fit for us."

Matthias Moll, Swapfiets

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