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Buckaroo has developed standard plugins for her clients. These plugins were developed for the most popular e-commerce modules like Magento, Prestashop and Woocommerce. This has made implementing Buckaroo easier than ever before. Download the plugins for you webshop today completely free of charge!

Support and Advice

Buckaroo will always be prepared to assist clients by explaining their services. This is why the support page was constructed. Here you will find information about our products, the implementation, and answers to all of your commercial and technical questions.

Buckaroo Payment Plaza

The Buckaroo payment system is available via the Payment Plaza for every Buckaroo client. It contains a large number of innovative and time-saving functionalities. Thanks to unique functionalities such as the refund function, you will save lots of time during manual tasks. The most important functions are explained below.

Partner Selection tool

At Buckaroo, we work together with a large network of web developers. These Buckaroo web partners have experience with integrating Buckaroo in online shops and invoicing systems. In order to help you look for a suitable web developer, we have developed the Partner Selectiontool. Based on features of the province, and technology, you can easily search for a web developer that is a perfect fit for your desires.

Business partners

Buckaroo actively works together with a large number of Business partners like big Dutch banks, credit card acquirers and debt collection agencies. Buckaroo works together with these partners to develop new functionalities/modules, so we can help not only our own clients, but also our partners’ clients even better. Take a look at our business partners.

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