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Advantages of the Payment Plaza

✓ Real-time insight into the status of every transaction and invoice
✓ Transactions of all payment methods in just one system
✓ Easily process transaction for other currencies
✓ Credit management solution for collecting invoices
✓ The plaza is available in multiple languages

✓ Email templates customizable to suit your look and feel
✓ A well-arranged (intuitive) navigation structure
✓ Transaction history of certain time frames
✓ Management dashboard with key KPI’s and trends
✓ A voucher and wallet solution for optimal customer relations

Insight in your payment traffic with the Payment Plaza at any time

The (online) payment market is in a constant state of development. Aside from handling your payment traffic, an increasing amount of services are offered and demanded that assume the optimal customer journey. Examples are debtors management, subscription services, digital direct debit authority, and voucher and wallet solutions that serve the B2C market as well as the B2B market.

The Payment Plaza is the secure financial back-office system of Buckaroo. As client, you will receive your very own login and password for this financial cockpit, with which you gain access to your personal, protected account. The Payment Plaza is a portal for you as entrepreneur, that not only grants insight into the statuses of transactions, but also gives you the ability to perform certain actions based on these statuses. Examples are refunding payments, insight in your debtors situation, customizing email/sms/letter templates and vision into detailed information in reports, which can also be exported.

The developments within the (online) payment traffic ask for a flexible, extensive and user-friendly system. The Payment Plaza fits this description perfectly.

Payment Plaza Buckaroo

For whom is the Payment Plaza interesting?

Our own experiences indicate that the persons that generally use the Buckaroo Payment Plaza most often are the operational/logistic user, the financial user and the commercial director. The operational employer checks that the payment is successful so the package can be sent, the financial employer checks the money flow, and benefits greatly from reports on the financial administration. The commercial director can view the company’s turnover, transaction count, and statistical details on the usage of payment methods. In the Payment Plaza, you can easily grant your co-workers multiple levels of authority within the plaza.  

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