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Buckaroo and Reazon join forces in order-to-cash chain

Monday 19 March 2018

Users of Reazon order-to-cash software can now use a payment link in their digital payment requests. The payment link, enabled by payment service provider Buckaroo, ensures efficiency in the order-to-cash process.

Michael Daniel Brouwer, CEO Reazon: "We see a strong need for digitization in the financial sector, so joining the forces of Reazon and Buckaroo by means of this collaboration is a logical step."

Reazon, a new fintech company (arising from the cooperation of debt collecting specialists Syncasso and Janssen & Janssen) helps organizations digitize credit management processes.

The cooperation with Buckaroo makes it possible to include a payment link in invoices and payment reminders. The new functionality is in line with the current consumer market, where payments are increasingly becoming more flexible.

Jeroen Jungerius, business executive Buckaroo: "With a payment link in the mail, paying will be a matter of a push of a button. The debtor does not have to copy the payment details. This way paying an invoice not only becomes low-threshold, but errors are also less likely to occur."

About Reazon

Reazon helps organizations digitize & innovate credit management processes. They do this with smart IT solutions. The strength of the new fintech company comes from years of knowledge of Credit Management, Data and IT. The company makes it possible for organizations to innovate in the field of Credit Management without having to address internal IT capacity and without transferring to a debt collecting agency. www.reazon.nl

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