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Buckaroo and TIG launch Magento 2 extension

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Buckaroo is one of the first Dutch Payment Service Providers with a payment system that is suitable for Magento 2. Together with TIG the BETA version was launched in January. The release of the final version (1.1.0) is now a fact. This version can be downloaded here.

The best PSP team of the Netherlands leads the way with the Magento 2 extension’’, said Joost Schildwacht (CEO of TIG).

Magento 2 is mainly based on the ideal customer journey. A full omni-channel solution is key. Both safety and speed have been improved and a completely new feature in Magento 2 is the testing framework that ensures success is guaranteed by going live.

Why use Magento 2.0?
Magento 2.0 has many improvements over previous versions of Magento. The most important ones are:
• Ease of use thanks to the two step checkout
• A renewed interface which makes it even more easy to use
• New techniques such as support for PHP 5.5, standard less CSS preprocessor and support for jQuery
• Responsive webdesign for all common devices

Joost Schildwacht has a very clear vision: "The design of Magento one dates from 2006, written on the technique that was then available. Merchants who want to give their customers 10 years later, an up-to-date user experience with magento 2 have the ability to provide state of the art technique."

Which payment methods support Magento 2?
At this moment, the Magento 2.0 plugin includes the following payment methods:

How do I use the new Magento plugin?

Do you want to use this new Magento plugin via Buckaroo directly? Download it here. Prefer to know more about the features and operation of Magento? More detailed information can easily be request via info@buckaroo.nl or by calling +31 (0)30 711 50 00

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