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Buckaroo has been awarded the title of Best PSP in 2015

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Buckaroo has been awarded the title of Best Payment Provider in the Netherlands for the second year in a row.

Utrecht – Buckaroo has been chosen as the Netherlands’ Best Payment Provider for the second year in a row today. Buckaroo owes this first place in the Emerce 100, Online Payments category, to the votes cast by decision makers who are employed in online marketing, ICT and e-business.

“We are incredibly proud of this title”, says Andre Valkenburg, Buckaroo’s CEO. “It’s the crowning glory of all our efforts, in the year we are also celebrating our 10th anniversary. It serves as confirmation to us that we are correctly working on the development of customer focussed payment solutions for both webshops as well as other organisations. A personal approach and an innovative working method are at the top of our list of priorities.
We are currently in the process of introducing MasterPass, the e-wallet which specifically simplifies mobile payments. We are also offering a smart Order to Cash solution, which supports the entire payment and collection process and we are working on eMandates, the digital direct debit.
We would not have been able to win this poll without the support of more than 4.500 customers and 200 partners. We would like to thank everyone for the trust they have placed in us and it goes without saying we will be doing our utmost to earn this title again next year!”

Buckaroo has been a supplier of payment solutions since 2005. Buckaroo is the Netherlands’ main Payment Service Provider, with over 4.500 webshops and organisations as customers and with 200 (web) partners. Buckaroo has formed part of the Intrum Justitia Group since January 2012. Intrum Justitia is Europe’s largest credit management services provider with over 3.800 employees in 20 different countries. Buckaroo offers a wide range of modular solutions which can fully automate the entire payment and collection process and all associated administration activities. A large number of (international) payment methods and a completely digitised invoicing system allows for a great deal of time to be saved where back office activities are concerned, plus payments and claims can be collected in a much faster and more customer friendly manner. You can find more information about Buckaroo on www.buckaroo.nl.

About Emerce Top 100
The tenth edition of Emerce 100 was released on 15th May 2015, a special annual edition. Emerce uses this publication to report on how decision makers, who are employed within online marketing, ICT and e-business, have assessed services provider’s performance levels in the e-business and marketing industry during the past year.
Emerce has asked research agency Motivaction for support with conducting the quantitative image research for the Emerce 100. Emerce’s editorial team prepared the questionnaire. Motivaction collected the data and processed the results.
More information can be found on www.emerce.nl/emerce100/

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