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Buckaroo introduces a completely renewed Payment Plaza

Tuesday 1 November 2016

After more than eleven years of gaining knowledge and insights into payment processing, Buckaroo introduces a completely redesigned Payment Plaza. Buckaroo’s financial cockpit is ideal for companies operating within e-commerce, m-commerce and/or dealing with recurring payments. Thanks to a team of UX designers and payment experts, the platform has been given a completely new, more user-friendly design. The new Plaza is available from November 1th.

Why a new Payment Plaza?
The (online) payment market is developing rapidly. In addition to dealing with payment transactions, more and more additional services are being requested and offered so as to complete the ideal customer journey, for example credit management, subscription services, digital direct debit mandates and voucher and wallet solutions that serve both the B2C and B2B markets. Developments within (online) payment transactions require a flexible, comprehensive and user-friendly system.

Ease of use is paramount
Building a new environment with an optimal user experience is an art in itself. In recent months, extensive building and testing has been taking place in collaboration with a number of clients. The end result? A future-proof environment in which Buckaroo customers have full insight into payment transactions for their business, and which also offers the possibility of creating direct links between those payments and further actions.

What's different?
In addition to the new responsive design, the Payment Plaza also boasts:
✓ a new and clear (intuitive) navigation structure;
✓ a management dashboard showing the key performance indicators and trends;
✓ the new Credit Management solution for collecting invoices in a more customer-friendly way, including:
    • the template editor for easily creating and sending a pay link via email, text message and letter (including QR code);
    • easy-to-adapt plans for dealing with different debtor groups;
    • clear Credit Management reports.
✓ the voucher and wallet solution for generating optimal customer loyalty, with the possibility of:
    • generating new vouchers;
    • setting up a wallet application.
✓ a system for easily processing transactions in other currencies;
✓ a multi-language environment.

Not yet a Buckaroo customer? Click here for more information about the Buckaroo Payment Plaza or request a demo account.

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