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Buckaroo offers accepting payments with the Bancontact app

Wednesday 31 October 2018

From now on, payment service provider Buckaroo offers to online merchants the acceptance of online payments with the Bancontact app. With this payment method, online merchants can let their customers complete the payment via their smartphones. Existing Buckaroo customers can now all accept online payments with the Bancontact app.

More conversion
Maurits Dekker, CCO Buckaroo: "Experience shows that merchants offering the mobile Bancontact payment method on their website obtain 15 to 20% more conversion. This makes accepting online payments with the Bancontact app indispensable for stores or companies with Belgian customers. " 38% payments via mobile

Today approximately 38% of all online Bancontact payments are made using the Bancontact app.
The Bancontact app can be downloaded for iOS and Android. How does it work? Consumers scan the QR-code with their smartphone and confirm the mobile payment with a pin code in the appon their smartphone or tablet. The Bancontact app can be used for amounts up to € 500 per transaction at a merchant.
"We are pleased that from today on, Buckaroo also offers the opportunity for its customers to receive mobile payments with the Bancontact app. This allows the Bancontact app users to experience at even more webshops easy and fast payments with their smartphone. This new collaboration underlines once again the importance of Bancontact as payment method of the Belgians," says Nathalie Vandepeute, CEO of Bancontact Payconiq Company.

Bancontact Mobile request
Are you a seller that got Bancontact directly from Buckaroo? Then Bancontact Mobile will be automatically included in your check-out. There are no additional costs involved, only the usual transaction rate for Bancontact.
More info: https://www.buckaroo-payments.com/products/payment-methods/bancontact/

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