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Buckaroo set to introduce a completely updated Payment Plaza on November 1st

Monday 17 October 2016

Using knowledge and insights gathered in over ten years of payments, Buckaroo is set to introduce a completely updated Payment Plaza. Buckaroo’s financial cockpit is tremendously suitable for companies that are active within e-commerce, m-commerce, and those that deal with recurring payments. With a team of UX designers and payment experts, the platform is getting an entirely new design which has made tremendous progress with overall appeal and user-friendliness compared to the current Payment Plaza.

One environment for all transactions
The updated Payment Plaza is a portal for Buckaroo merchants that grants insight into the statuses of transactions. It also offers the possibility to link certain actions to payment statuses. Examples are easily refunding payments, offering batch payments, and insight in detailed information from reports which can be exported as well.

The persons that generally use the Buckaroo Payment Plaza most often are the operational/logistic user, the financial user and the commercial director. The operational employer checks that the payment is successful so the package can be sent, the financial employer checks the money flow, and benefits greatly from reports on the financial administration. The commercial director can view the company’s turnover, transaction count, and which payment methods were used, in just one overview.

Advantages of using the Buckaroo Payment Plaza:

✓ Responsive design
✓ Real-time insight in the status of every transaction and invoice
✓ Extensive reports, including but not limited to monthly or yearly information
✓ History of all transactions within a specific time frame
✓ 24/7 real-time insight in your financial situation
✓ Email templates customizable to match the look and feel of your company

See the sneak preview below!

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