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Introducing Jeroen Jungerius, Commercial Director

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Name: Jeroen Jungerius
Title: Commercial Director
Joined Buckaroo on: 1 February 2015
Fun fact: Jeroen is an enthusiastic sailor and will participate in the Heineken Regatta this year for the fourth time on and around St Maarten. 

Why did you choose Buckaroo?
"I have been working in the financial services sector for almost 30 years now, including at PayPlaza, Equens and PaySquare. Buckaroo is a company I have known for a long time from my previous positions. They have always been an innovative and engaging partner. In addition, the e-commerce industry has piqued my interest for quite some time now, not only because of the great opportunities for growth, but also due to the innovative character of this industry. I am convinced that I can use my knowledge, network and experience to give shape to the ambitions of Buckaroo, and together with the commercial team, to optimize our focus on the customer. With my arrival, the management team is complete; we can now start creating our own future."

How do you think Buckaroo will make a difference in 2015? 
"Buckaroo has challenging ambitions for 2015. One ambition is to significantly grow the business by signing up new customers, but also through organic growth and by expanding our services to our existing customers. For instance, we will soon roll out our wallet solutions, which we will kick-off with MasterPass. Because we have more and more customers who are experiencing international growth, we are adding local, international payment methods at a high rate, such as Carte Bancaire, Carte Blue, AliPay and P24. This year, we will launch a new version of our credit management system, so that you can use SMS and e-mail, etc. to easily send payment reminders to your customers. This optimised support will help us boost your order2cash conversion. Lastly, we will add a POS terminal solution to our services portfolio to create an omni-channel platform and, with the help of our parent company Intrum Justitia, we will begin rolling out Buckaroo to the international market."

Is there anything you would like to say to our customers? 
"Since I have just recently joined Buckaroo, it has been impossible to visit everyone right away; however, I am truly interested to find out what you think of Buckaroo. What do you like about our service and what do you think needs to improve? In which areas do we give you good support and which areas need improvement? Please e-mail your feedback to marketing@buckaroo.nl . I will see to it that we include your input in our plans and services."

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