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Magento Imagine 2016: what can we expect from Magento this year?

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Magento Imagine 2016 has been and gone. Imagine is absolutely the very best opportunity to experience the passion, the power and the potential of the Magento ecosystem. Imagine is where Magento’s staff, Merchants, Agencies and Industry Partners spend three days together reviewing Magento’s most recent developments, discussing the opportunities offered by e-commerce and networking. Our Partner Manager Erik Serré and our Product Manager Loes Scheffer were among the guests.

Below, Danny Verkade, our partner Cream’s Magento Certified Solution Specialist, has listed the most relevant developments that were announced at Imagine.

Magento 2 has already been downloaded 228,000 times

Magento 2 was launched last November and Buckaroo introduced its first release on 11 April. The new platform is gathering momentum and developers, agencies and merchants are busy examining and applying the platform’s options. At present, Magento 2 has already been downloaded 228,000 times and more than 800 online stores are live on the platform.

Magento 2.1 – First Full Feature Release

As Magento presents the roadmap clearly in advance nowadays, we may expect new releases with a new functionality more frequently. The first full new feature release for Magento 2 will be launched this coming June. Below is a brief description of its most important new functionality.

Staging & Preview
For Magento Enterprise, version 2.1 will be extended with a Staging & Preview functionality, which will allow changes to products, categories, content, promotions, prices and themes to be viewed before making them visible to visitors. That means it is possible to set up a whole campaign, including altered prices and content such as banners and texts, and then go live with it at a time you have chosen beforehand, enabling marketers to use their marketing campaigns and content far more precisely. Of course it is also possible to view changes per date or per campaign in the preview so that you can check the appearance of the production site at any given moment.

New Search

The Magento 2.1 Enterprise will be extended with a new search functionality based on Elasticsearch technology, the world’s most popular search technology right now. This technology produces better relevance and better search results, leading to a higher conversion rate in the end. Because the technology is supported in 33 different languages as standard, it is easy to implement it and you can get started very quickly.

B2B functionality

Lastly, Magento Enterprise will be extended with a B2B functionality in the third quarter of 2016. Magento has always had a strong focus on the B2C market, but will be able to accommodate the needs of the B2B market more effectively too with the addition of this functionality, which offers things like an option for customer-specific prices and includes a quotation functionality as well as allowing customers to pay immediately. We expect that more news will be available closer to the release date.

Magento Marketplace - the follow-up to Magento Connect
The new Magento Marketplace, the follow-up to Magento Connect, was launched at Imagine and is now available to the public. At present, only extensions for Magento 2 are visible on the new Magento Marketplace, but all Magento 1 extensions will be available via the new platform before the end of the year.

The new Marketplace makes it possible to buy the various extensions directly and the various licences can also be managed from it. This means it will be easier for merchants to switch to a new developer without needing to buy new licences for extensions.

Moreover, Magento will actively study the quality of the extensions on the Marketplace so you can rest assured that the extensions comply with the stated functionality and quality.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition
Last but not least, the new Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition was announced at Imagine. Previously, you would have needed to have both a licence for Magento Enterprise and to pay the costs of the hosting service for the platform, but now it has all been merged into one product, meaning that you have the option of purchasing a scalable platform from Magento directly. The hosting service is provided through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. The Magento installation is standard on three of Amazon’s data centres, so in the unlikely event problems arise at two different locations, the e-commerce platform will still be available. Moreover, the platform is scalable and the number of resources will be upscaled if traffic increases and the number of transactions rises so that the environment remains stable, even at peak load. Magento itself provides 24x7 support on the platform and will take immediate action if (potential) problems arise.

How do I use this new Magento plugin?
Do you want to start using this new Magento plugin via Buckaroo right now? Download it here. But if you would rather know more about how Magento 2 works and about Magento 2’s options first, it’s easy to get hold of more exhaustive information via info@buckaroo.nl or by telephone on +31 (0)30 7115000.

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