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Making things easier for your international customers through SOFORT Banking

Monday 25 April 2016

SOFORT Banking provides your customers in the Netherlands and abroad with an easy way to pay for goods purchased through your online shop by means of a transfer from their Internet banking environment.

SOFORT Banking is comparable to online bank transfers (SEPA credit transfers). Although the usual processing time for transfers applies, the system does allow for immediate confirmation that the purchaser’s bank has set the transfer in motion. In addition, SOFORT Banking is easy to use for your customers, in that they will not have to create any new accounts, will not have to transfer money to an intermediate account and do not need a credit card, either. SOFORT Banking meets stringent security standards with regard to online banking; its protection of personal details is TÜV-tested.

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Once your customer has paid through SOFORT Banking, you have two options: dispatching the customer’s purchase at once, or waiting until the payment can be fully guaranteed (which generally takes two working days). We do not charge additional fees for either option, and we recommend choosing option 2 if the customer has purchased a relatively expensive product.

At present, SOFORT Banking can serve consumers in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy and Belgium. We recommend that you use the PayPal and credit card payment methods for customers who live in other countries. Customers in the five aforementioned countries can also easily use these two payment methods, in addition to SOFORT Banking.

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If you wish to receive more information on how SOFORT Banking, PayPal and/or credit cards work and what opportunities they offer you, please ask your questions through the Request for Information Form or contact us (without any obligation on your part) on 030 711 5000 or at info@buckaroo.nl.

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