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New regulations for webshops

Saturday 5 October 2013

The European Parliament has approved new rules on distance selling, giving consumers in each Member State the same rights and obligations at online purchases. These new rules will be included in the Dutch law no later than the end of December 2013. From the end of December 2013 the entrepreneur gets six months time to adjust their shop with - the new rules and conditions. But what are the main changes? 

Refer to payment obligation
Webshop owners have to make their customers clear that if they buy something online, they will commit to a payment. This can be done by placing a text on the button: 'Order with payment obligation'.

More reflection time for consumers
Customers get 14 calendar day grace period to decide whether they want to return the product. This period begins when the customer receives the ordered product. If a customer decides within this period that he not want to keep the purchased product, then he has 14 calendar days to send the product back. If a merchant does not inform a customer about the grace period of 14 days, the buyer will get up to 1 year of time to return the product.

Music, movies, downloads and other digital goods are not covered by this rule, as well as customized products, magazines and perishable goods.

Additional costs for other shipping method doesn't have to be paid back
If a customer returns a product, he has the right to receive a refund of the full purchase price, including shipping. When the customer has chosen for a more expensive shipping method when ordering a product than a standard transmission, then the merchant only has to refund the standard shipping costs. The extra cost of another shipping method will therefore be paid by the Buyer.

Delivery within 30 days
Products have a maximum delivery time of 30 days, unless a buyer explicitly authorized that the delivery may take longer. Is that not the case, and the purchase is not provided within thirty days, the customer has the right to cancel the order.

Warranty Information
Webshops must provide information about the legal warranty.

Required explanation of complaints
The shop is required to inform the customers well about the complaints procedure.

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