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Partnership Buckaroo and Payconiq for online payment via smartphone

Friday 4 May 2018

Utrecht/Amsterdam, Thursday, 3 May – Buckaroo and Payconiq have announced a partnership. Due to this partnership, web merchants can offer Payconiq at the Buckaroo check-out. Payconiq is an omnichannel payment method for payment via the smartphone. Payments made by the user are directly debited to his bank account.

Mobile payment throughout Europe
Payconiq is a new method for paying friends, paying in shops, cafés and restaurants, and now in web stores too, using the smartphone. ING launched the payment system in 2015, but meanwhile several Belgian and Dutch banks have decided to use the service as well. Guido Vermeent, CEO Payconiq: “Before long, all consumers will be able to use Payconiq, regardless of the bank at which they have an account. We will really have achieved our objective once we have become the largest provider for paying online.”

Innovative technology
Jelle Hoes, CTO Buckaroo: “When we saw the technology behind Payconiq, we at Buckaroo were convinced immediately. Payconiq is focused on the future: it has not been built on the basis of current payment methods but on a direct connection with the banks. A nice example of a solution that is compliant with PSD2 requirements.” Guido Vermeent: “A frequently asked question we often hear: is it fast? Yes, it is. Especially as all preferred loyalty programmes are directly included in the payment. It is a payment and loyalty solution rolled into one and can be used both offline and online.”

Suitable for whom or for what?

Payconiq is suitable for every type of smartphone, both Android and iOS. Payconiq cannot only be used for payment at well-known retailers. All companies, large and small, can offer Payconiq as a payment method. Guido Vermeent: “We do not make any distinction. Every merchant is important to us. This also applies to partners. We do not want to impose any restrictions. We want to be available to everybody. Web stores and online companies that are interested in integrating with Payconiq at the check-out can go to Payment Service Provider Buckaroo.

About Payconiq
In the Netherlands, 20,000 clients of ING and Rabobank have had the exclusive possibility to use the app since early this year, ahead of its official launch. The number of merchants connected to the payment service is currently being increased while Payconiq is preparing for the national launch later this year. As from that moment, clients of all Dutch banks will be able to use Payconiq online, in physical shops, in restaurants, and for easy payments to friends and family.
With over 50,000 shops connected in Belgium and Luxembourg, Payconiq has become a part of daily life in these countries.

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