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Spotlight interview About-Payments

Thursday 28 January 2016

On this page you find the SPOTLIGHT interview conducted by our media partner About-Payments. Founded in 2005, Buckaroo is celebrated its 10 years anniversary in 2015 and has been awarded the 'Best Payment Service Provider in the Netherlands' for a second year in a row.

1. How would you describe your business to merchants new-to-game?
Buckaroo is one of the fastest growing Payment Service Providers in the Netherlands and has over ten years’ experience in the e-commerce industry. Buckaroo offers a full-service online cash register, facilitating a broad range of national and international online payment methods.

Over 4,500 companies are currently using Buckaroo’s payment solutions. For instance, Buckaroo's extensive clientele consists of companies such as KPN, Staatsloterij, Pathé Theaters, VVD, WoningNet and KNVB. Buckaroo simplifies payments for your customers to pay their invoices. Payment convenience lowers the threshold for your customers to pay outstanding items. Therefore, you can drastically reduce outstanding accounts in number and duration.

2. What makes you different from other Payment Service Providers?
We are a full service billing and payment provider. As per January 2012, Buckaroo is part of the Intrum Justitia Group. With over 3,500 employees in 20 countries, Intrum Justitia is currently the largest Credit Management services provider in Europe. Intrum Justitia and Buckaroo bring the best of two worlds: a strong know-how in payment collection at Intrum Justitia and years of (online) billing & payments experience at Buckaroo.

The integration of both companies’ expert knowledge is demonstrated in a fully automated process, from order to reconciliation, connected to the Buckaroo system. So where other payment providers only focus on online payments, we also have a very strong proposition in offline payments, credit management and debt collection.

3. What are the triggers for online merchants to switch to your platform?

Buckaroo has been awarded the title of Best Payment Provider in 2014 and 2015 by Emerce. We have Mobile Optimized Payment Pages as well as dynamic payment pages, both accessible in the look and feel of our merchants. Besides that we have Multi-Acquirer and Multi-plugin Connections.

To offer extra security in (online) payments, we have developed the unique Anti-Fraud Configurator. With the Anti-Fraud Configurator you can, at your own discretion, manage and configure automatic checks for credit card fraud. The quick response and the personal contact with our merchants is an extra reason to choose for Buckaroo.

4. What merchants or markets are you targeting?
Our (online) payment system is ready to support any type of web shop in Europe with local payment methods in different countries. Our credit management module can be used by any organization that would like to reduce the costs per invoice and the duration of outstanding payments. From small businesses to large corporations who send out more than 10.000 invoices each month, both in B2C and B2B.

5. How can merchants integrate with your platform?
Buckaroo supports API’s, direct and hosted payment pages and we offer all the common shopping cart plugins like Magento, WooCommerce and PrestaShop. More plugins can be found here. By using our plugins you will have a very short implementation time (a few hours) and extra additional benefits. For more complex implementations, we have a team of implementation managers to facilitate merchants with tailor made support.

6. What can merchants expect from your company in the nearby future?
It is our ambition to improve the conversion rate on your web shop from visitors to paying customers. We will offer more (international) payment methods and other features to simplify the checkout process. One example is an Omnichannel solution that creates a better shopping experience in which customers can pay anytime, anywhere. We are also optimizing our reporting and management tool for merchants to have optimal insights in their payment flow. Buckaroo supports several options for point-of-sale (POS) payments at a payment terminal.

Read the rest of this article at About-Payments.com

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