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Whitepaper: B2B Payment strategy

Thursday 6 December 2018

A shift in consumer behaviour

People do their shopping online. Businesses aren’t any different, they want to order, tender or buy quick and easy online as well. Yet shopping is a different ballgame for consumers then for businesses.

Businesses often have multiple decision-makers and payments are usually made on account (and not by iDEAL). These are among the important aspects to be taken into consideration when choosing a payment strategy for a business-to-business online store.

For businesses with over 500 orders a month, a digital purchase process (also taking cost of sales into account) is no longer a nice-to-have but an absolute must. Therefore wholesalers, DIY-stores and business services display their products or services more often online. The old fashioned catalogue and order sheet are being replaced by a digital environment.

If there’s a digital shift in the order process, the payment method would preferably shift as well. Which payment method do businesses prefer? And how does your business like to be paid? In short. What’s the ideal B2B payment strategy?

Download the whitepaper here

Special thanks to:
Jan Willem Roest (PayPal), Daniel van Delft (Visa), Joost Boelaars (Mastercard), Redmer de Vries (AfterPay), Patrick van de Graaf (In3), Robert Beuninck (Klarna), Rob Hoitink (iDEAL), Focum, Sander Boonzaaijer (Payconiq), Pieter van Walsem (Waltox/Staalkabelstunter), Frank Jongenotter (Buckaroo), Erik Serré (Buckaroo) and Maurits Dekker (Buckaroo).

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