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Working together to reduce the plastic soup in the oceans

Thursday 8 October 2015

Of course everyone has seen them; photographs of turtles with deformed shields as a result of the plastic floating around in the oceans. Boyan Slat couldn’t bear it any longer and used his profile paper at secondary school to design a mechanism for largely solving the ‘plastic soup’ problem in the oceans. He founded The Ocean Cleanup in 2013 in order to implement this mechanism on a large scale.

Femke Hoes, Legal & Finance Coordinator at The Ocean Cleanup: “We approached several different parties when we were preparing for our crowdfunding in 2014. Buckaroo was one of the first parties to respond quickly and instantly sent an account manager round, something we appreciated immensely.” A massive international fundraising campaign was launched in March 2014, as soon as the collaboration between Buckaroo and The Ocean Cleanup became a fact, which lasted until September 2014. This resulted in the most successful non-profit crowdfunding campaign ever; a total of 2.15 million dollars was raised by 38.000 donors from 160 different countries.
In the meantime, StepOrange had developed a SalesForce platform for European charities which Dennis Meijer, Buckaroo’s Key Account Manager, felt fitted in with The Ocean Cleanup perfectly. After all, The Ocean Cleanup wanted to be able to easily and effectively attract periodic donors. Meijer: “Even though the collaboration between Buckaroo and StepOrange was still very much in its infancy, Buckaroo decided to introduce StepOrange to The Ocean Cleanup in January 2015. This platform was given extensive support by the SalesForce Foundation and offers a scalable CRM platform which can extensively map out donors at very low costs.” Hoes feels The Ocean Cleanup is very happy this introduction took place. “We were very curious about the construction and eventually embarked on our journey with a good feeling. StepOrange allowed us to switch across to SalesForce and this has enabled us to maintain our donor file more efficiently.”

This collaboration between Buckaroo, SalesForce Foundation and StepOrange offers charities an affordable way of attracting many international donors. Meijer: “We have joined forces in order to achieve an even bigger reach for charities and to allow them to manage their customer files even more effectively, resulting in the processing of even more donations and gifts.” Hoes: “The Ocean Cleanup is now ready for the first scale models and a great deal of money is needed for this. Buckaroo will thereby be a reliable partner.”

Are you also interested in acquiring international donations? Please do contact us via 030 – 711 50 10 or sales@buckaroo.nl.

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