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Payment methods

Buckaroo offers her clients a complete mix of national and international online payment methods. You have the complete liberty to choose the payment methods that fit your needs. This will create an optimal customer experience which in turn will benefit your conversion.

Credit Management

Buckaroo Credit management is a thorough solution that handles all your payment traffic. This includes sending invoices including automatic follow-ups via flexible reminder schedules. These reminders can be altered to match your own corporate design and can be provided with a payment button so your clients can pay their bills easily and directly using one of the available payment methods.


PayPerEmail allows your clients to pay easily and safely with e-mail. Buckaroo PayPerEmail sends your clients an e-mail completely customizable to suit your company branding. These e-mails contain a unique payment link that allows clients to effortlessly pay off their orders. At the back of the unique payment link clients can utilize any payment method that you offer via Buckaroo.

Mandate Management

Buckaroo is the first payment provider to offer Digital Direct Debit Authority, as a component of the Mandate Management solution. This solution provides you with a quick, customer-friendly client authentication, including a lawful digital signature at the payment agreement. This will decrease the risk of refunds.

Recurring Payments

Alongside standard periodic payments for our electric bill or health insurance, we get in touch more and more often with recurring payments for e-commerce companies that provide ease of payment by offering their services in subscription form.  

Gift cards and vouchers

The popularity of accepting and offering gift cards and vouchers is increasing. In the ever-developing market of gift cards and vouchers more and more companies are trying to find suitable solutions. Buckaroo offers you a thorough solution for accepting popular gift cards, online use of your existing gift cards, and dispensing your own gift cards or vouchers for clients to use.

Point of Sale

It is more and more important to unify your physical and online stores to grant your clients the optimal buying experience. It’s now possible to create areas that clients can use to order and pay for your products. This way clients will be able to order any specific items that you might not have in stock.

Subscription Services

Buckaroo’s subscription services module was developed to automatize many manual and time-consuming processes regarding recurrent payments. This makes the completion of your subscriptions easier.

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