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Most important benefits of Buckaroo Credit Management

✓ Managing your cash flow and working capital more efficiently and effectively
✓ Fully online-based, accessible anywhere and any time
✓ Variety of reminder schedules can be set
✓ Up to 8 reminders can be configured
✓ Send reminders by e-mail, SMS or letter
✓ Automatic links to collection agencies

✓ Prevent faulty payments because the payment reference has already been entered
✓ Ability to set up and administer payment plans
✓ Real-time insight into your debtor list
✓ Can be set up entirely in accordance with your own style 
✓ Results in fewer outstanding claims
✓ All incoming cash flows recorded and explained in one system

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Our Credit Management packages

Subscription fee
Text message
Payment arrangements
Dispute registration
Payment Plaza
Collection transfer
Buckaroo Credit Mananagement Free
Buckaroo Credit Mananagement Basic
Buckaroo Credit Mananagement Pro

A complete Credit Management system

As of today Buckaroo facilitates and manages all your payment traffic, including sending and monitoring invoices automatically, through flexible reminder schedules. You can equip these reminders with an integrated payment feature that lets your business relations fulfil the outstanding amount directly using one of the payment methods you have chosen to offer. The Credit Management solution is integrated in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza, which also handles the general payment traffic. Buckaroo offers you the possibility of taking over your debtor management entirely, including the possibility of handovers to a collection agency. In practice this means a reduction in the volume of delays, extra convenience for your business relations, a decline in risk and less manual work – all of which result in a healthier cash flow and more effective management of your working capital.

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We process the payments for

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