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Buckaroo Payment Analyzer

The solution for transactions that cannot be matched
The Buckaroo Payment Analyzer was developed to assist online shopkeeper with recovering transactions that cannot be matched automatically. This feature makes it possible for unmatched credit transfers to be matched and linked up with an outstanding transaction after all without intervention by Buckaroo.

Benefits Buckaroo Payment Analyzer
Initially, all incoming transactions are automatically matched by Buckaroo. Only 1% of the transactions might not be matched, for instance because of the lack of correct details. Thanks to the Buckaroo Payment Analyzer you can quickly and easily recover the payment on the basis of the details you enter and link it to the correct amount. This feature solves payment disputes so your help desk can deal with questions regarding payment in a customer-friendly, quick and simple manner.

Would you like more information on the Buckaroo Payment Analyzer? Request the white paper through info@buckaroo-payments.com
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