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Refund: refunding money with the press of a single button

The Buckaroo Payment Engine makes it possible to conduct refunds on all payment methods. You can make sure the amount is refunded to the bank account number of the payer or, in case of a credit card payment, is credited back to the credit card of the customer with the press of a single button. Thanks to the Refund feature of Buckaroo, you no longer need to conduct manual refunds to the consumer from your online banking environment. You can conduct both full and partial refunds, which means that you don't even have to conduct any extra actions for partial refunds.
All refunds are automatically incorporated in the financial records inside the Buckaroo Payment Plaza. This way, your financial administration is always up-to-date.

The Refund feature can also be offered at transaction level, via a batch or XML from your own back office. So refunds can either be conducted in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza or be offered in an automated setup via an XML connection from your own back end. Therefore, it is also possible to process refunds that are initiated from a branch office. A great benefit to this is that it no longer has to be processed manually.

Recollect: easy and quick repetitions of direct debits

The Recollect feature ensures that you can resubmit a failed or reversed (one-time) direct debit payment to the bank with one simple press of a button. The bank will the once again attempt to collect the outstanding amount for which the direct debit was issued. Thus another direct debit payment is conducted on the account number of the customer. This option can be used, for example, when a transaction has failed due to insufficient balance on the bank account of the customer, for which the customer indicates at a later moment that the balance has been sufficiently topped up. The direct debit is then repeated, without the need for the transaction to be entered into the system again.

A Recollect saves you, as a web shopkeeper, much time and manual work.

Remail: offering payments again to increase conversion and customer-friendliness

The Remail feature is a very useful part of the Buckaroo Payment Plaza, with which you can increase your conversion rate significantly. You can make use of the Remail feature in various scenarios which offers you many benefits:

A Remail ensures that consumers get another chance to transfer an amount to you. When a consumer opts for payment via a credit transfer, he automatically receives an email containing the payment details. The consumer can use these details to transfer the money from his own online banking environment at a moment convenient for him. However, it sometimes occurs that consumers accidentally remove the email or lose it. By means of the Remail feature an email, including the payment details for the credit transfer, is sent out again with the press of a single button.

The Remail feature can also be used for pending credit transfers or failed transactions. When you make use of the Remail feature, you send the customer a PayperEmail. All PayperEmail templates can be entirely organised according your own corporate style: so your own texts and logos.

Remail is very customer-friendly and increases the chance of a higher conversion rate for your web shop. Because the rest of the transaction is processed by Buckaroo, you do not have to check whether a payment has come in yet: after sending the Remail, Buckaroo reconciles automatically and provides you with a real-time status feedback as soon as the amount comes in and has been matched to the order. This way, your accounts are immediately brought up-to-date as well.


Practice teaches that transactions are not always completed successfully or simply fail. It sometimes occurs that a consumer accidentally closes a screen during the payment process, which interrupts the transaction. Another example is that a consumer might be distracted during payment and that the payment process is then automatically broken off (this occurs with e.g. iDEAL transactions). It turns out that online shopkeepers often do nothing in case of a failed transaction. The Repay feature enables you as an online shopkeeper to offer a previously failed iDEAL payment to the consumer once again. Thanks to the Repay feature, a PayperEmail is sent out to the consumer in the corporate style of your web shop including a payment button. The payment button in the email makes it possible for the consumer to make the payment after all in an easy and quick manner. Practice demonstrates that 30% to 50% of consumers complete the payment through the PayperEmail feature after all. The consumer does not have to repeat the entire payment process, which of course increases the conversion rate and is experienced as a customer-friendly feature.

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