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The advantages of Gift cards and Vouchers

✓ Easily accept existing popular gift cards
✓ Go live quickly with your own gift cards or vouchers
✓ Improve customer relations
✓ Increase turnover
✓ Open up to a new group of clients

✓ Internationally employable
✓ Multiple refund options
✓ Extensive array of reports available
✓ No licensing-, hardware or software costs
✓ Guaranteed payment method and partial payments are possible

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The popularity of accepting and offering gift cards and vouchers is increasing. Consumers are increasingly interested in receiving and giving out gift cards so the recipient can choose their gifts in their own time. In the ever-developing market of gift cards and vouchers, more and more companies are trying to find suitable solutions. Buckaroo offers you a thorough solution for accepting popular gift cards, online use of your existing gift cards, and dispensing your own gift cards or vouchers for clients to use.

Accepting popular gift cards

Populaire cadeaukaartenGift cards are great presents to give away and to receive. Today’s consumers increasingly wish to seek out a suitable gift in their own time. With the demand for gift cards rapidly increasing, via Buckaroo you can quickly and straightforwardly accept popular gift cards as payment methods in your online shop. Read more...

Make your existing gift cards functional online

Eigen cadeaukaartIf you already have your own branded gift cards but they can only be accepted in your physical stores, you can sign up to Buckaroo. Buckaroo will take care of making it a valid payment method for your online store. If you elect to do so, your clients will be able to use their gift cards online and Buckaroo will perform a security check regarding the validity and balance of the gift cards. Buckaroo will completely deal with the payment procedure, including optional partial payments. Read more

Dispense your own gift card

Cadeabon uitgevenHave you always wanted to distribute your own gift cards and allow online payment with them? Buckaroo offers you several simple solutions for this desire. You can display your very own company logo and name on the gift cards, and new cards can be generated at any point and with various values in Euro’s. The gift cards are added to your online store as a new product and your clients will be able to purchase these using the regular order and payment process. The recipient of the gift card will be able to select the gift card as payment method with any purchase.  Read more

Generate credit vouchers

TegoedvoucherCredit vouchers are vouchers that are occasionally given away by your company. An example of this would be e-mailing clients a €5,- credit voucher in the month of their birthday. These types of vouchers are also often employed to generate extra turnover or traffic, or to reach a specific target audience. With Buckaroo’s solutions you can easily and quickly generate unique vouchers, determine their validity and value, and optionally tie them to a campaign. The recipient of the voucher will be able to spend it in the online store and Buckaroo will take care of correct completion of the payment, including all possible exceptions. Read more

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