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The advantages of Mandate Management

✓ Online client authentication
✓ Lawful authority to collect
✓ No need for an own e-mandate administration
✓ Decreased risk of refunds
✓ For new and existing Direct Debit processes

✓ Account numbers are always correct since it’s verified by bank
✓ Instant checks for a possible collection blockage
✓ Easy to implement
✓ Available both in combination with SEPA Direct Debit or separately
✓ Real-time insight in your e-mandates

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Complete solution including Digital Direct Debit Authority

As leading Payment Service Provider and now also Mandate Service Provider, Buckaroo developed a Mandate Management solution. Digital Direct Debit Authority is a vital part of this. This solution offers you a quick and customer-friendly online authentication of your client and provides a legal digital signature at the payment agreement.

Buckaroo offers clients with Mandate Management a thorough solution for obtaining e-mandates, from managing e-mandates to communicating with banks at the processing stage of one-off and recurring SEPA Direct Debit payments with e-mandate.. Digitaal Incassomachtigen

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Do you also want to authorize your customers online?
And therefore lower your refund risk.

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