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The advantages of AfterPay

✓ 100% guaranteed payment method
✓ Fully automated acceptance process
✓ Customizable to suit your organization’s look and feel
✓ Periodic payment of all transactions by Buckaroo

✓ Extensive report functionalities
✓ Positive contribution to your customersshopping experience
✓ Increase in turnover thanks to lower threshold to place an order
✓ Good substitute for the expensive giro paperwork

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Afterpay: Let clients pay later with 100% payment guarantee

payment method whereby the top priority is customer friendly use. Buy now, pay later. AfterPay provides customers with a safe and pleasant experience when buying products and services online. With AfterPay, consumers can simply pay for their order after they receive it. They will receive a digital invoice that can be paid via iDEAL or via a bank transfer. You offer your clients extra service with a comfortable payment term of 14 days. On top of that, you are 100% guaranteed to get paid. AfterPay takes full responsibility for the risk of any payment defaults by the consumer and guarantees that you will receive your payment.

Afterpay in your online shop

Do you want to offer your customers the optimal buying experience? Follow the tracks of over 5,000 webshops and start offering AfterPay in your store. The implementation procedure goes as follows, Buckaroo is more than happy to help you with this.

1. You show your interest in using AfterPay using the Buckaroo form
2. Buckaroo sends you the application form for AfterPay, which you fill in and mail to AfterPay
3. If AfterPay’s installment procedure is successful you will get the data that Buckaroo uses to activate AfterPay for you.
4. You have to make a successful test transaction, after which live transactions can be processed.

You can order AfterPay easily true the overview below.

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Give your customers the most positive shop experience with AfterPay. 

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