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What is Capayable?

Capayable is a post-payment method, but also a way to pay in installments. There are two variants of this online payment method. Choice one: pay the total amount in full afterwards. Or the other Capayable service: staggered pay in 3 installments. In this case, the first part must be paid immediately (in advance), to check the account number. In addition, the instant integrated credit check makes the payment even safer.

Benefits of Capayable for your online payment transactions

✓ Instant credit check
✓ Account number verification
✓ Less chance of fraud (due to down payment)

✓ Flexible payment in installments
✓ Makes large purchases accessible
✓ Also ideal for B2b

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Pay in 3 installments, how does it work?

With Spread Payments Capayable offers the possibility to pay an order in three installments without interest. The first term pays the consumer or business buyer directly in the online check-out. The second and third terms are paid within 30 and 60 days of receipt of the product or service respectively.

Capayable for amounts above 100 euro

Who is Capayable suitable for? Watches, mattresses, hardware stores, office trade, catering and travel .. you name it. Capayable can be chosen at amounts higher than 100 euros. With a maximum amount of 500 euros for postpay and 3,000 euros for spread payments (for b2b exceptions are possible).

Request Capayable

Do you want to pay Capayable afterwards or offer Capayable staggered payments in your webshop? Web shops and online companies can include Capayable in their check-out via Buckaroo. We are happy to advise you and help you with the implementation.

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