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Advantages of Carte Bleue

✓ Most popular payment method in France
✓ The French branded debit card of Visa
✓ Extra security thanks to 3D-Secure Verified by Visa

✓ Payment screens are multilingual
✓ No separate contract needed, everything goes via Buckaroo
✓ Easy implementation due to our standard plugins

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Carte Bleue, the French debit card of Visa

Are you active in France and do you want to offer your customers the optimal payment experience? Then you can’t go without Carte Bleue. Carte Bleue is a Visa-branded debit card and it is the most popular method of payment in France. This statement is supported by the fact that Carte Bleue has more than 60 million card holders, which makes offering this method of payment essential for you as entrepreneur. This popular card is dispensed by all large French banks. Half of all payment cards can be used to make online payments. Every card that shows the ‘Verified by Visa’ logo on it is able to complete payments online. All customers with these payment cards can order and pay safely in your webshop.

These French Banks are connected to Carte Bleue
BNP, CCF, Crédit du Nord, CIC, Crédit Lyonnais and Sociéte Générale account holders receive a Carte Bleue by Visa card, which they can then use to make payments online.

Easy implementation
Implementing Carte Bleue is simple and quick. With aid of our handy plugins for the most popular e-commerce packages such as Magento, Woocommerce and Prestashop, integration is possible in a very quick manner indeed.

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To offer your French customers an optimal payment experience, you can not do without Carte Bleue.

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