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Advantages of credit cards

✓ International payment method with a worldwide reach
✓ The three most popular credit cards combined in one
✓ Extra security checks thanks to 3-D Secure and SafeKey
✓ Popular with consumers due to purchase insurance

✓ Recurring payments are possible with credit card
✓ Low threshold for paying with credit cards
✓ All credit card transactions in just one summary
✓ Payment screens are multilingual and customizable to suit your own company branding

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Worldwide online payments with MasterCard, Visa and American Express

Buckaroo deals with the direct processing of online credit card payments for: MasterCard, Visa and American Express. These are the 3 most important credit cards that cover as much as 99% of the Dutch market and 95% of the international market. The Buckaroo Payment Engine supports credit card transactions in various currencies. Therefore, the credit card payment screens are also set up in multiple languages and customizable to your company style, including your company logo.

Credit cards offer ease of payment for your clients because often no actual funds are needed to make purchases. Aside from that, products bought online are insured against damage, loss or theft. Adding 3-D Secure ensures that only the actual owner of the credit card can complete the payment. Buckaroo offers you an extensive configuration tool with business rules for accepting credit cards

Recurring payments for subscriptions and repeated purchases

Aside from SEPA Direct debit, consumers are offered the option to handle recurring payments with credit cards more and more often. Dutch companies strive to offer more ease of payment by accepting all available payment methods for recurring payments. Also, this form of processing is made even easier by retailers enabling their customers to fill in their card details so the system

remembers the details for easy and quick future repeated payments. Buckaroo recognizes when a payment will be followed up by repeated payments without further interference of the customer. No card details are requested so you, as a company, don’t have to have access to your customers personal information. It is safe and easy to process credit card payments via Buckaroo.

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Order credit cards as payment method now

Link the three most popular credit cards in the world at once and let your customers shop online from anywhere in the world.

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