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Dispense and manage your own credit vouchers

Buckaroo offers you a low-threshold solution for dispensing, accepting and managing vouchers. Credit vouchers are defined by Buckaroo as the type of voucher that is ‘given away’ by the company. This way you can improve your customer loyalty by emailing your customers a €5,- gift card in the month of their birthday or at the moment they subscribe to your newsletter. This type of voucher is often used as a campaign to generate extra traffic and turnover.

Each unique voucher has a certain value in Euro’s. Buckaroo makes easy implementation possible, performing all the security checks, like determining the voucher’s value and validity. Generating and managing your vouchers can be done manually within Buckaroo’s backend system, as well as automatically via a link with the own system.

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Generating Credit Vouchers has never been easier

It’s up to the company whether the vouchers need to be expended all at once, or whether it can be spent in parts. This can be configured individually for each voucher or campaign. Buckaroo facilitates the possibility to offer partial payments and handles possible duplicate or failed payments. This results in a user-friendly procedure for the consumer, and provides the company with a well-arranged administration and the availability of the reports required for accounting.

Whether or not there are requirements for spending the voucher is up to the company. For instance, in case the order needs to be of a certain minimum value, or the voucher can only be spent on a certain product, the company can opt not to show the payment method when the requirements aren’t met. The checks of these additional requirements can’t be done by Buckaroo. This check occurs before the amount due is determined, so it’s not visible for Buckaroo.
The balance of the vouchers can be requested at any moment so the consumer knows how much is on their vouchers. Buckaroo also supports the ability to refund the vouchers, for which the refund value logically can never be higher than the value of the voucher or indeed the amount spent. More often than not, the company opts to send a new voucher valued at the exact refund value, since after spending the voucher, the code is often thrown away.

An important aspect of generating and dispensing credit vouchers, is that the company needs to reserve funds for the total value of all of the redeemed vouchers. The credit vouchers are a payment method where no actual money changes hands. This means that for Buckaroo, credit vouchers are a payment methods that is handled in a processing manner, where only reporting is done and no pay-out is done.

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