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The advantages of Dankort

✓ Popular payment method in Denmark
✓ Dankort is paying with your own bank, thus it’s safe
✓ Dankort is a guaranteed payment method

✓ All transactions in one overview with the other payment methods
✓ Dankort is simple and reliable in use
✓ Real-time insight in your debtor management

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Dankort is the national debit card in Denmark. In addition, this card is most known within Denmark and approximately 80% of the Danish population owns this card. Dankort is a Visa branded debit card. Among the 5.5 million Danes, 85% - 90% of all purchases are paid with debit and credit cards. If you are already active in the Danish market

or if you are planning to be active in Denmark we recommend you to offer Dankort. It is important to mention that Buckaroo provides a connection for all Dankort by Visa cards. This means that you reach all cardholders with a Visa branded Dankort debit card, but not all Dankort users. Buckaroo Dankort is currently being offered only via EMS acquirer.

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