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The advantages of EPS

✓ Most commonly used payment method in Austria
✓ EPS is paying via internet banking, so it’s trusted and safe
✓ EPS is a guaranteed method of payment, always be sure of your money

✓ All transactions in one overview with the other payment methods
✓ Real-time insight in your debtor summary
✓ High ease of use for your customer

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EPS: The primary payment method for Austria

EPS (Electronic Payment Standard) is a debit card which can be considered Austria's equivalent of iDEAL. The payment method was created in 2001 and has a reach of 2.5 million Austrian bank card/account holders. At the moment, already over 80% of the Austrian online shopkeepers accept EPS as a payment method in their web shop. EPS transactions are guaranteed, which means you do not run the risk of any reversal and/or charge backs. For an EPS payment you are immediately given a real-time status feedback from the Buckaroo system.
This enables you to quickly ship the ordered product to your customer, which in turn reflects

positively in terms of customer experience. It is a fact that consumers who have experienced your payment process as being reliable and clear, will be more inclined to make a repeat purchase with you. Since its launch, the use of the EPS online payment method has annually increased by 500% which means it can be deemed quite a successful payment method, just like iDEAL in the Netherlands. If you wish to serve Austrian customers with your web shops, EPS is highly recommended for the check-out process.

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Go live quickly with EPS

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EPS is Austria's most popular payment method and a real must to sell it successfully.

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