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Accepting popular gift cards

The past years, turnover from gift card has increased strongly. Consumers are increasingly interested in receiving and giving out gift cards, so the recipient can choose their gifts in their own time. Via Buckaroo, you can quickly and easily accept popular gift cards as payment method in your online store. The gift cards function safely, quickly, and easily. The consumer selects the desired product in the online store and follows the normal ordering process.

On the payment page, the consumer elects to pay with a gift card. Should there not be enough funds are available on the gift card, the consumer is informed instantly that the remainder can be paid via a different payment method. Another option is to pay the remainder with another gift card. This doesn’t have to be the same type or brand of gift card, as long as they are accepted by the online store.

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All generic gift cards listed below are acceptable via Buckaroo. If you miss a gift card in this list, please notify us.

Popular gift card integrated into one environment

Buckaroo facilitates the option to do partial payments and handles possible duplicate or failed payments. This ensures that the card stays valid should the payment encounter any kind of failure. This results in a user-friendly procedure for the consumer.

Buckaroo will care for every possible scenario in paying with a gift card, so you don’t have to. This makes a quick and easy implementation possible. The payment method Gift Cards is one of the generic kind. It’s included it a few plugins, not least of which is Magento. This enables you to offer an extra or different type of gift vouchers to your customers at any given moment.

In order to be able to offer a large quantity of gift cards, Buckaroo is linked with multiple gift card platforms such as Intersolve and TCS. Due to the affiliation with these large platforms, Buckaroo can perform real-time checks like determining the balance and validity of the gift cards. After we receive your order, Buckaroo will take care of signing you up for the relevant gift card platform for you.

When you elect to accept gift cards via Buckaroo, you won’t have to work with different systems. All transactions that occur via Buckaroo will be displayed in just one environment. Buckaroo uses a processing model for the gift card payments. This means that these transactions will be displayed in the transaction overview, and the payment will be made from the publisher of the gift card directly to you.

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No gift as popular as a gift card of eg fashiocheque, national cinema coupon and webshop giftcard.
Therefore, offer one or more gift cards in your shop.

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