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What is in3?

Customers like to choose how they pay. That’s why in3 should be part of your payment mix. With in3, your customers can easily pay in three convenient instalments without interest charges. This lets them make the purchase they really want within three salary payouts.

With in3 you can boost the conversion in your webshop and increase the average shopping basket amounts. And the nice thing is: as a webshop you don’t have to pre-finance anything and you can count on a 100% payment guarantee.

Advantages of in3

✓ Immediate online acceptance
✓ More conversion
✓ Increase in average order amount

✓ Guaranteed payout within 15 days
✓ From €100 to €3,000
✓ You only pay per successful transaction

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Pay in 3 instalments, how does it work?

The customer chooses in3 at the check-out and the system performs a super-fast data check. After acceptance, the customer pays the first instalment immediately, the second within 30 days and the third within 60 days.

Applying for in3

Would you like to offer in3 instalment payments in your webshop? Webshops and online companies can include in3 in their check-out via Buckaroo. We will be happy to advise you and help you with the implementation.

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