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The advantages of Ippies

✓ Save quickly with every online purchase
✓ Over 2,000 webshops offer it already
✓ Loyalty programs increase repeat purchases
✓ Popular as it’s similar to the well-known Airmiles

✓ Attract a new group of customers
✓ Transactions are all in just one of Buckaroo’s systems
✓ Easy integration thanks to our plugins
✓ Saving programs are popular with Dutch consumers

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Ippies: The quickest online saving-program of the Netherlands

ippies.nl is het snelste online spaarprogramma van Nederland. Via ippies.nl shoppen meer dan 170.000 consumenten bij meer dan 1.000 aangesloten webwinkels. Bij alles wat zij kopen, sparen zij ippies. Een ippie is een internetpunt en 0,01 euro waard. Gespaarde ippies worden bewaard op een gratis en persoonlijke ippies.nl account. Met de gespaarde ippies kan vervolgens online worden afgerekend.

Ippies in your web store

With the ippies.nl payment module, payments can be made in your online store too. The consumer pay with ippies, and you receive the amount in Euro’s. This means you don’t have to do any extra work. What it does mean, is extra turnover. It’s generally known that saving/collecting programs are popular in the Netherlands, think of Airmiles for instance. With Ippies, you respond to the needs of the consumer.

Order Ippies now

Let your customers quickly save Ippie points with every online purchase and increase your customer loyalty. 

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