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The advantages of Mobile Payment

✓ Raises conversions
✓ Clients can order any time, any place
✓ Pay with your mobile phone with all payment methods that Buckaroo offers
✓ Impulsive purchases are most common on mobile devices

✓ All transactions in just one overview
✓ Trusted, easy and quick payment for your customer
✓ Responsive check-out pages
✓ Over 81% of the Dutch population has a smartphone

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Responsive payment pages

Responsive check-out for Mobile payment

Improved support from the mobile payment process by means of touch screens, responsive deigns, and optimal use of the input functions from mobile devices. All of Buckaroo’s payment pages are designed responsively, meaning it doesn’t make a difference whether you pay via smartphone, tablet, or internet browser. The payment pages automatically adapt to the resolution of the screen used to make the payment. This causes a rise in conversions and is also very customer-friendly.

Mobile payments with all payment methods

Buckaroo offers you the possibility to receive payments via a mobile payment page with varying payment methods for an app or mobile shop. These payment pages are fully customizable to suit the look and feel of your online store. For every company and any concept, a suitable payment method is available. You can enable your clients to pay with every payment method that Buckaroo offers. Buckaroo has detected that the five payment methods listen beneath are most popular for our clients and the consumers.

Credit cards
Credit cards are suitable for higher-end transaction amounts and for international customers. Buckaroo also offers a service that remembers the credit card number of returning customers.

Your customers simply accept the payments with their PayPal username and password. PayPal is also available for mobile.

Pay later
Pay later is a low-threshold and guaranteed method of payment. Your customers won’t need a bank card or reader, he receives an email with payment button instead. After that, the consumer has 14 days to pay.

For your customers, MasterPass is a simple, convenient and reliable digital wallet that allows you to pay more quickly on all devices at thousands of webshops. A quick checkout for your customers with one click, touch or tap. Paying has never been quicker.

With the arrival of in-app payments, your clients can now also transfer funds via iDEAL. This occurs within the bank environment of your customers.

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All national and international payment methods offered by Buckaroo

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