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The advantages of Buckaroo online giro

✓ Recognizable thanks to the familiar look & feel of online giro
✓ Save costs on the invoicing and collecting process
✓ Invoices are paid more quickly thanks to the low threshold of online giro
✓ Reliable for your customers
✓ Safer and cheaper than preprinted giro credit slips

✓ No licensing, hardware or software costs
✓ Employable for one-off and recurring payments
✓ Customizable to fit your company branding
✓ High ease of use for your customers
✓ The solution for digital invoicing

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Facts and numbers about preprinted giro credit slips

On a yearly basis, over 100 million giro credit slips are sent. The average cost of one of these slips lays at around 3 euros. It regularly occurs that consumers pay too late or fail to do so at all. At the moment, companies often send printed reminders with a giro credit slip, which increases the costs per invoice even more. It is interesting to know that in practice 70% of consumers 

copies the invoice details to their online banking environment to subsequently transfer the money there, after which the preprinted giro credit slip ends up in the trash. These numbers support the fact that the paper credit slips are no longer of this time. It is costly, damaging to the environment, and prone to mistakes. .

Digital invoicing with online giro

You have the option of sending out one online giro at a time or sending them out in large quantities at once. The latter can easily be done by supplying your invoices in a batch file to Buckaroo. The systems of Buckaroo then ensure that all your customers automatically receive the invoice with an online giro by email in their inbox. As soon as your customer opens his email, he will see the invoice in which the online giro has been incorporated. An important benefit here is that you can organise the appearance of the invoice entirely in your own corporate style. Your logo, company colours and texts. This recognition will strengthen the trust from your customer. In addition, the appearance of the online giro strongly resembles the well-known preprinted giro credit slip. This was a conscious choice, because this responds to the sense of familiarity this payment method evokes with the consumer. This contributes to a smooth transition for the consumer from preprinted giro credit slips to online giro's.

In the online giro your customer can select his bank with the press of one button, after which he is directly redirected to the familiar screens of his bank. The payment details are automatically filled out in the screen. This prevents a customer from accidentally entering the wrong transaction amount, for instance. This way, your customer can settle his invoice securely and easily. Upon payment, you will immediately receive a notification so that your systems and employees are informed of the payment status of the invoice.

Online giro payment

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Thanks to the recognizable appearance, online giro is the perfect replacement for the paper acceptance giro. 

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