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The advantages of Pay later

✓ 100% guaranteed payment method for you as entrepreneur
✓ Pay later increases conversions
✓ Go live quickly due to simple integration
✓ The requirements of thuiswinkel.org are met
✓ Easily provide templates with your own text and company style

✓ Administration is always up-to-date thanks to reports
✓ All of your transactions in just one summary
✓ Buckaroo biedt u ruim 10 jaar ervaring met Achteraf betalen
✓ Goedkoper en veiliger dan de acceptgiro
✓ Zelf de betaalmethoden kiezen achter de factuur 

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Client friendly method of payment: Pay later

Pay Later is without a doubt the most consumer-friendly payment method. Pay Later offers consumers security, as they are not asked to pay until they have received the product in good condition. By offering Pay Later at your webshop you can generate more sales but also attract new customers who are not yet familiar with your shop. Pay later is increasing in popularity and gives a feeling of security to more insecure online shoppers. This makes them more likely to actually purchase online. By offering Pay later you reach new groups of clients and it will have a positive effect on your conversion. 
Even though Pay Later is the most consumer-friendly payment method, online shopkeepers often

do not offer this payment method. Many online retailers consider the risk that the consumer will end up not paying too significant. Buckaroo gives you the possibility of offering this popular payment method in your online store, without having to run any risk yourself. The module Payment Guarantee makes it possible for Buckaroo to perform a credit check behind the scenes and supply you with a payment guarantee. This module enables Buckaroo to offer you 100% payment guarantee. Unlike other providers, you keep in touch with your clients yourself, giving your well-paying customers an optimal buying experience without them getting in contact with any third parties.

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Simply increase your conversion and customer satisfaction by letting them pay afterwards.
Buckaroo offers you more than 10 years of experience in this field.

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