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The advantages of PayPal

✓ International payment method with 165 million users
✓ The customer can pay without having to enter card details
✓ Recurring payments are possible
✓ PayPal offers your customer extensive protection
✓ Consumers can create a PayPal account

✓ The number of PayPal users keeps on rising
✓ Higher conversion by offering PayPal
✓ Secure, trusted and simple payments
✓ PayPal offers retailers protection
✓ Market share at Buckaroo increased 19%

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Easily accept (international) payments

PayPal allows your customers to pay for their purchases directly. PayPal is a popular method of payment and offers buyers plenty of protection and ease. Via Buckaroo it’s possible to accept 22 different currencies such as Euro’s, American and Australian dollars, and Great Britain Pounds. Recurring PayPal payments are also possible and they are commonly seen used to pay for (international) subscription services such as dating and video on demand. In the Netherlands, PayPal is going through a period of incredible growth, with over 2 million PayPal account holders. This growth is caused by increased acceptance by online stores and a rise in number of transactions per account.

User-friendly and secure for buyer and seller

The consumer creates a PayPal account and links it with his credit card or bank account number. Afterwards he is able to deposit funds onto his account and make purchases with his account details.The PayPal purchase protection ensures the consumers that PayPal refunds the entire amount in case the product never arrives or doesn’t meet the retailer’s description. Also, PayPal offers protection for retailers. When you receive an unauthorized payment or your customer claims he never received his order even though you have sent and delivered it, PayPal covers the entire amount, providing the transaction meets the requirements.

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Offer PayPal in your webshop and give 165 million international users the opportunity to make an online purchase.

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