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The advantages of paysafecard

✓ With paysafecard, new target groups are reached
✓ Paysafecard is an anonymous method of payment
✓ Easy implementation thanks to our plugins
✓ Available at over 500,000 outlets

✓ Every consumer can pay with paysafecard
✓ Paysafecard is a guaranteed method of payment
✓ Already in use by thousands of online stores in Europe
✓ Buy Easily and safely online

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Buy paysafecard and pay online instantly

Paysafecards are available at over 500,000 outlets within Europe. Consumers can opt for prepaid credits amounting to 10, 20, 50 or 100 Euros. Each paysafecard displays a 16-digit PIN code, which the consumer will submit to your web shop when he wishes to buy something. This rounds off the transaction, without any personal details and without any connection to a bank. A paysafecard has a few restrictions: twelve months after the first payment with the paysafecard, or 24 months after issuance, paysafecard charges administration costs. These costs amount to 2 Euro a month and are deducted from the prepaid credit, until eventually zero balance remains.

Online payments without bank account with paysafecard

The payment method paysafecard is just as easy as paying with cash, the consumer doesn’t need to have a bank account or credit card. Paysafecards are so-called prepaid cards consumers can use to make online payments. Paysafecard is an ideal payment method for retailers that want to offer their products to an international group of clients. Currently paysafecard is offered and accepted in 39 countries such as: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy and Sweden.

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