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What is Przelewy24 (P24)?

Przelewy24 is a local Polish payment service that facilitates payments between you and your Polish customers. P24 guarantees the payment to you as a merchant without any chargeback risk. The way it works, P24 is comparable to iDEAL in the Netherlands. On the payment page, the customer chooses P24 as the payment method. On the next page he/she chooses his/her bank, and is then redirected automatically to the internet banking environment. There the payment can be completed.

Advantages of P24

✓ Guaranteed payment
✓ No chargeback risk
✓ Most common payment method in Poland

✓ Fewer risks of errors thanks to pre-entered payment details
✓ 57% of Polish consumers pay with P24

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Why choose Przelewy 24?

Do you have customers in Poland and you want to serve them optimally? Then we advise you to choose Przelewy 24 (P24) in your webshop. It’s by far the most popular payment method in Poland and should not be omitted from your range of payment methods. It increases customer satisfaction and your conversion.  

Apply for Przelewy24

Do you want to offer P24 in your webshop? Then your Polish customers can pay easily and safely. At Buckaroo we are happy to advise and help you with the implementation.

More information about P24 Apply for P24

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