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The advantages of SEPA Direct Debit

✓ Process Direct Debits from all of Europe
✓ Familiar and trusted for the consumer
✓ All Direct Debit transactions in just one summary
✓ Simple integration
✓ Possible to combine with e-Mandates

✓ One-off and recurring SEPA Direct Debits
✓ Standard functionalities such as refund and credit nota
✓ Simple integration due to plugins
✓ iDEAL transaction followed by recurrent SEPA Direct Debit

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Collect payments easily with SEPA Direct Debit

Buckaroo offers the possibility to collect payments via a Direct Debit Authority. This method of payment can be used to handle one-off and recurrent payments, such as a yearly/monthly membership extensions, or periodically collect subscription funds. We advise to connect this method of payment to Credit Management in order to realize an efficient payment process, and the highest possible collecting percentage.

 The SEPA Direct Debit Authority is most commonly used for subscription services, streaming services, and one-off (small) payments. This payment method is characterized by the simple and trusted form of payment for the consumer. It also gives you the opportunity to collect at your convenience without being dependent on the consumers’ willingness to pay.

Optimal application of SEPA Direct Debit for B2C and B2B

Offering SEPA Direct Debits via Buckaroo is simple and possible in varying forms. It’s possible to ask for the account number of the client, or to start off with an iDEAL transaction. Buckaroo recognizes this IDEAL transaction as the starting point of a recurring payment agreement, and based on this data it can perform a recurring Direct Debit transaction. Aside from convenience, this process also offers the security that the account number is indeed linked with the correct client. With the introduction of Digital Direct Debit Authority, a first IDEAL transaction is no longer .

needed to check the account number. Instead, an online authentication will take place
This will not only secure that the account number is correct, it also ensures that no Direct Debit blockages will take place and it also takes away the risk of Reports of Unjustified Direct Debit.

If you have a payment agreement to collect from your business client, Buckaroo will be able to process the B2B SEPA Direct Debit payments. This means that the risk of refunds and Reports of Unjustified Direct Debits are no longer an issue.

High collecting percentage with Buckaroo Credit Management

With Buckaroo’s intelligent Credit Management system you can fully automatize the follow-up of your SEPA Direct Debits. In order to realize the highest possible collecting percentage with the least amount of effort, you can design various payment schemes with customized reminder schedules with payment requests via e-mail, sms message or letter.

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That can be done with SEPA Direct Debit!

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