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The advantages of SOFORT Banking

✓ Available in 9 countries within Europe
✓ SOFORT is safe thanks to a SÜV certificate
✓ SOFORT is supported by over 20,000 banks in Europe
✓ Reliable since SOFORT is part of the Klarna Group

✓ Low threshold as no account is needed
✓ Simple integration
✓ Safe and quickly transfer funds internationally
✓ Known and popular with the (inter)national group of clients

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SOFORT Banking: a safe and reliable form of bank transfer

SOFORT Banking (previously DirectEbanking) is a simple and direct payment method used internationally. With SOFORT Banking your customers can easily pay for their orders, domestic or cross-border, by means of a bank transfer through their online banking system. SOFORT Banking is comparable to an online credit transfer and, although the usual deadline for receipt for transfers also applies here, direct confirmation of the initiation of the transfer by the bank of the consumer is possible.

More about SOFORT Banking

SOFORT Banking lowers the threshold for your customer, because he does not need to register for an account, does not have to top up any suspense account or need any credit card. SOFORT Banking adheres to strict security standards regarding online banking and offers data protection tested by the technical inspection association TÜV. It is important to note that SOFORTbanking, contrary to payment methods such as iDEAL and a regular credit transfer, is not a guaranteed payment method.

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Let your customers from 9 European countries pay by credit transfer secure and fast with Sofort Banking.

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