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The advantages of Visa Electron

✓ Over 394 million paying users worldwide
✓ Built-in safety features
✓ Easily do refunds and credit nota’s

✓ Easy integration with your systems
✓ A negative account balance is not possible for the consumer
✓ Popular in regions such as Africa, Spain, Western Europe and Latin-America

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What is Visa Electron?

Worldwide, over 394 users can pay with Visa Electron. Visa Electron is well-represented in Spain, a large part of the Western-European countries, Latin-America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle-East and Africa. Thanks to several built-in safety features, that warn the user when too much money is being spent, this debit card is popular with students, starting companies, and people with a limited budget. Visa Electron has one key distinctive feature in comparison to other Visa debit 

cards, which is that at the moment of purchase, the amount that needs to be paid needs to actually be on the bank account linked to the debit card. Since a negative balance is not possible, the amount on the bank account needs to be equal to or greater than the amount due. With other Visa cards, it’s possible to make payments that exceed the amount available on the bank account (to a certain limit).

Request Visa Electron

The payment method Visa Electron is fully integrated in the Buckaroo Payment Engine. It is a Plug & Play link that can be implemented in your online store. Before you can go live with Visa Electron, you first have to complete the application request with the credit card company. Buckaroo will accompany you in this procedure so that you can accept Visa Electron payments as quickly as possible. As a merchant, you don’t have to program the connection with Visa and you don’t have to arrange your own security certificates.

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With Visa Electron, more than 394 million worldwide consumers can pay online .

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